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You’ve probably heard the phrase at some point, brand identity. Almost certainly you’ve heard of branding. But what exactly is everyone talking about when they talk about brand identity?

A lot of marketing businesses and advertising agencies like to talk about branding and brand identity as if it were a boring, habitual exercise. They like to say things like we figure out what business and shoppers mean to your brand or we carefully consider how everyone is affected by your brand. This is great, but what does any of this actually mean, is a question that should pop into your head. How do you show you understand my business’s brand and identity?

For a business owner, it’s obvious. What exactly is your businesses brand and how do you and other people connect to that brand? Before any other concerns are made or met, as a business owner this should be the thought process at all times.

The identity of the brand—your business and the service it provides to your customers—is a two part creation that begins initially with a business owner attracting customers and is completed with advertising that communicates this identity at all times to more customers. The best brand is communicated simply because both the business owner and the advertising have kept the message simple. They understand what service is being provided and why customers enjoy it and come back.

In other words, branding and brand identity is simple and should kept be simple always. How does a business try to attract customers, why do customers come back and why do customers rely specifically on this brand above others? Make the process any more complicated and you risk confusing potential customers as to what the business is actually about and why this brand is unique,

This is the mindset that we follow at Yellow Box. We don’t overcomplicate. Knowing the brand identity of a client is the first step we take to every single client we work with over the course of any project. The difference between an advertising agency like Yellow Box that specifically understands your brand compared to an agency that treats your brand like a cookie cutter copy of other clients is enormous.

Choose the agency for your advertising that keeps your brand identity unique to your business, while simple enough for all customers to remember and return.