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Can you keep a promise? Almost all businesses perform around a brand promise.  A promise is a promise — that says it all. But as times change, businesses should too, right? And, sometimes, this means changing up the original promise you made to clients and/or customers.

Sure, it may seem scary to jump ship on the basic foundations of your business, but it’s important to stay in-tune to what your customers want and how your brand reflects those needs.


So, to evaluate if it’s time to alter your brand promise, understand that it’s all about context

Question: What was important to your target clientele when you started, and what’s important to them now? The values of your clients are always changing. Back then, they may have valued quantity, but now your clients are more concerned about quality. Think about what is going on in today’s world and the perception surrounding the events or situations.

Revising your brand promise can be a big decision that comes with risk. Yet, big risk can equal higher returns. Just reference the famous case study of Domino’s Pizza. The famous chain ditched their 30 minutes or less delivery brand promise for a better quality pizza and all the focus on a fast, but perhaps subpar, product. And, no matter your thoughts on pizza, it’s worked out well for Domino’s – they ended up with a $9 BILLION pizza empire.

(I think there should be a joke about Little Caesars as a pizza empire in decline here – too…cheesy?!)

Your customers will tell you when it’s time for change, you just have to listen. But, you’re not alone! Here at Yellow Box, we do the listening for you! In tracking your social media accounts, we can tell if customers are engaging and if they are enjoying the company’s offerings. Yellow Box can help guide and advise you in making smart marketing decisions for your company. We aren’t afraid to change things up!