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Live Streaming Broadcasts

You’ve got a lot of people interested in your product roll out, your event, or your show. Unfortunately, not all of them can attend. Instead of missing out on that engagement and potential revenue, leverage a live stream broadcast to turn remote viewing into a tool for social discussion and additional ticket sales.

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Sure, you can use Periscope or Facebook Live. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Our production team specializes in multi-camera events so your viewers are able to get everything from that beautiful master to the detailed close-up. Multi-camera live streams turn viewing into experiencing. It’s pretty cool.

On the management side, we enable and monitor live-feedback. Do you have a Q and A segment? We’ll monitor tweets at the promoted event hashtag and turn over relevant questions to the emcee. Interested in seeing how your audience is reacting to your keynote or product release? We track those sentiments.

As for monetization, this is where strategy meets content. Ensuring that your content is well planned and useful to your audience turns something that might otherwise have a limited capacity into an unlimited revenue generation tool. In fact, we worked with a conference that was able to add an additional 500 people to their 3-day event, even though the venue capped at 180. Not only does that increase revenues dramatically, it increases your brand awareness and thought leadership.

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Our live streaming production services fit in wherever you need them – anywhere from complete ideation to distribution.┬áSince we don’t believe in silos, your production team will be working closely with our marketing team from the get-go, making your event more successful.

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