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What does this mean for brands? Influencers? The ad community?

At the end of last week, Jan. 11, Mark Zuckerberg announced some changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm and everyone in the digital world went bezerk.

Let’s take moment to dig down and understand how this change affects the marketing community as a whole.

Facebook is a place where fake news is plentiful. Most of the time, some of the best performing posts are articles from sites that hold no klout, have little to no-truth, and contain ZERO facts. Zuckerberg’s new algorithm will take and prioritize content on the Facebook platform with more friends and family engagement.

It’s no secret that organic reach is slowly slipping away from our grasps. We’ve been talking about it for years and every day it moves further away. You can expect to see more organic content from people, and less content from brands, business, and pages.

Are you a worried brand?

Take some time to reevaluate your Facebook audience and the strategies you deploy. As Facebook pushes to turn the News Feed into a place for meaningful and relevant connections, make sure that your brand’s content is relevant and meaningful to your fans. Create content that promotes comments and discussion.

What about influencers?

Influencers have their niche. Their own aesthetic and genre of content and branding that has somewhat captivated their audiences and allowed them to flourish. Now, more than ever, it’s going to be important for brands to connect with influencers to promote organic content for their brand or product. These changes will rank a well-performing post from an influencer higher than an organic post from a business or brand page on Facebook.

What about us digital marketers?

Live video, live-streaming, and influencer marketing (if it isn’t already) should be moved to the front of the lines! Be sure you tell your clients to take advantage of the “See First” feature, urging followers to opt-in to seeing brand’s content first in their timelines. Don’t let Facebook’s news feed algorithm getcha down!