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Expressive natures

A byproduct of the saturation of smartphones that allow all sorts of people to communicate and stay connected is their ability to be an integral part of each other’s lives to the point where instantaneous responses to major or minor events and daily contact with anyone anywhere is an assumed expectation. The apps that people have access to on their phones allow them to express themselves in numerous ways. Below are some ways to increase customer engagement with your brand:


  • Tag, You’re It – For creating a digital bond with people that have similar thoughts and opinions, the #fillintheblank method of connecting has become a very popular way of attracting and keeping followers who can supply related content simply with a hashtag.


  • And The Winner Is – Social media is a dynamic arena for engaging people in ways that allow them to be content producers and brand ambassadors in their own way by uploading content they create, such as photos and video, stories, testimonials, etc. One of the ways you can actively engage them is by staging contests that allow them to share content in special ways like contributing essays, food recipes, photos, videos, and more. Instagram and Facebook are two social media platforms where contests are regularly conducted.


  • Review, Rate, Refer – In the world of ecommerce, brands, products and services, especially restaurants, are made or broken by reviews that customers can easily provide with ecommerce giants like Amazon and Yelp. Encourage customers to leave reviews in order to inspire brand trust, loyalty, and growth!


  • Customer Knowledge Base – When you’ve got supportive customers who know and believe in your product or support your efforts in the community, they can be your greatest asset to push, promote and support the brand by becoming online advocates and using their own voice to express how positive they feel about it.  


Interactive content can come in numerous forms, but one of the most exciting and effective ways to build engagement is through some friendly competition. People enjoy playing games, keeping score, and using their competitive spirit to win. By offering an incentive to play and a prize for the winner, even small prizes can have a large impact.


Offers You Can’t Refuse!

Engaging customers for on social media can also be accomplished by more traditional methods, such as incentives and offers for their engagement. For a product or service, this might include a combination or mix of any of these:

  • Exclusive memberships
  • Coupons and discounts for trying or buying products
  • Promotions for special occasion purchases or seasonal offers
  • Free shipping incentives

You can always try different methods to see which one(s) spark interest with your customers. You can also consult social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others to see what their suggestions for running successful promotions are.