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The world has changed. We’re long past the point of no return with digital media, so let’s stop saying the “world is changing”, and let’s think differently to adapt to this new era. Today EVERYONE in business needs to have some sort of digital, visible presence online or let’s face it, something is wrong.

And so the golden question comes along. Am I doing this right? I’m not, and YellowBox won’t, give you a canned answer of “well only if you follow what WE particularly say”. Sure, we may have strategies that lend themselves to success, but the truth is there are countless ways that others have found success through a strong and consistent online presence for their business. Above all else there are certain tendencies you will notice that continue to reappear in successful social presences and campaigns. For instance:

Pictures and Videos are basically the sliced bread of business on the Internet

Words are not. Where words work on the Internet is when someone is expecting to read, and read a lot. This is the medium after all where cat pictures are still a meme and videos of cats doing funny things are even more popular.

Adapting this to business then is fairly obvious. What you can summarize and show in an image, or better yet a video, always,always opt for them over words. Images and videos offer a visual experience that to a random internet viewer feels like less effort, but can mean more time the longer the viewer focuses on the visual and less on the conscious effort to read.

Be aware of Yelp, it’s doing some of your job for you

No really. Look at it this way. Google Analytics and Adwords lets you monitor when, why, and how often people visit your page or ads. Yelp lets you see in one place both good, and more importantly, the unhappy customer reviews. Don’t run away from yet another opportunity to shape the face and image of your business to customers.

A website like Yelp is a prime example of how the digital age has changed business, but in many ways it has provided more inventive ways of how you can interact with customers. Interactions on Yelp are honest and here’s the key, most often they’re expressing an unhappy experience. The customer may not necessarily be expecting a response from you, but since it’s public and out on the open the weight is on you to respond.

Wait this almost sounds like a bad thing for me. Except it’s not. When customers see that you’re involved in responding to mistakes or unsatisfactory experiences and resolving them, they see that you’re committed to listening to their concerns. Utilize any service like Yelp to quickly and effectively provide another platform to shape your businesses’ image and commitment to an online presence.

That in mind, learn the media, Twitter/Facebook/etc. and dig in

If people are using a social platform online these days, they are now expecting to see you there too. This is really where many businesses stand out in finding the newest platforms that are emerging or more inventive ways to be seen. If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the millions of active users just on Twitter and Facebook alone, compared to say newspaper’s ever falling subscription numbers.

Once you learn them, stay with them and commit. This is one thing that hasn’t changed about business and people’s expectations. We still rely on schedules and consistency. So stay active. Simple I know, but too many business accounts stagnate, plateau, or just never really try at all.

Just noticing these tendencies and adapting them will lend you not just credibility, but vital experience in online social media to make sure your customers are aware you operate and speak in the same language as them. But what if you don’t have the time and have a busy life? YellowBox is exactly the agency you’re looking for then. We’re a driven, focused team of digital natives that can get your business off the ground running online. If you’re looking to start, let us know today!