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There’s a saying, you’re talking with your foot in your mouth. All of the many variations of this boil down to the same thing: you had good intentions, but what you’ve said or done was in error and/or short sighted. In other words, you’ve messed up.

Perhaps you know where I’m going with recent events that involved a particularly well known frozen pizza company (we’re talking about you DiGiorno). If you’re not aware of the story in a nutshell there’s a certain twitter hashtag, #WhyIStayed, meant for women who have survived relationships that involved domestic violence and abuse, but stayed with their partner. So naturally DiGiorno’s twitter account jumped into the hashtag.

This was the result.

A few seconds of research could have avoided this...

Shortly after that tweet was sent out it was deleted and DiGiorno’s twitter sent out another (the previous one in the image was deleted).

Damage Control tweet #1

Another tweet was sent out after that as well.

This is how you own up to a mistake though.

As you can guess from the later tweets, DiGiorno is in full on damage control now and understandably so. Regardless if the tweet was an innocent mistake or an attempt at dark humor, what you put out on social media like Twitter can and WILL be seen.

If you find yourself in DiGiorno’s position though, the solution is always admit your mistake. Social media is all about interaction and response. The last thing you want to do on the Internet as a business owner is cause something like the Streisand Effect when you make an attention worthy gaffe. The harder you try to deny or conceal something, the more the Internet will react.

Don’t get too intimidated from trying your hand at social media because of this poor decision on DiGiorno’s part though. As we mentioned in another post before this whole incident several weeks ago, social media is key to engaging audiences and customers. This is true from small businesses to corporations to non-profits to charities and more.

So what if you want to try social media, but you want to avoid making another DiGiorno mistake? There’s always another option than going it alone. A dedicated and knowledgeable team like YellowBox doesn’t just have the experience in dealing with social media, we’ve grown up with these platforms. YellowBox has the understanding of social media and the know how to help raise the appeal and visibility or your brand.

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