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Good advertising, especially digital advertising, needs to capture attention and hold it for at most a few seconds. It also needs to feel genuine and, original to what your business and service is about.

This sounds pretty obvious, and it should be! But there’s something often overlooked in how each and every ad is produced for businesses. Are you or your advertising team producing more of the same old tired ideas, and just pushing paper? Are you often overusing the same ad ideas, images and words, without finding new ways to reach out to your customers?

This is a very easy trap to fall into that can be extremely difficult to notice once you’ve formed the habit. You settle for what’s normal and what seems to work, without paying attention to how you’re reaching out to your customers. While it may appeal to your older customers, are you bringing in newer customers that you could reach with different advertising? Unfortunately, without producing new and original content to appeal to customers or potential customers, you’ll never know.

Though, using the same advertising isn’t ALWAYS a bad idea. Say for instance your company is a monopoly or a near monopoly. If you’re your own competition, no change in advertising will matter. But chances are for almost all of us that isn’t true (especially since you’re reading this).

When I say produce original content, I simply mean produce advertising that takes your businesses brand and identity and create new ads that would appeal to a wider audience. Show different ways that your business benefits, appeals, and otherwise helps the lives of current customers or, better yet, will benefit the soon to be customer.

Though you don’t have to stop there, the only limit comes to your creativity to comfortably fit your businesses’ identity and brand (and the service you actually provide). Of course this is easier said than done and does require time, and let’s face it, most business owners won’t have the time to dedicate to this on top of their other duties.

It’s important then to find the right advertising agency that regularly employs this mindset in their work. Of course I mean YellowBox. Here we’re driven to produce original content that perfectly fits our clients every time, whether or not it means Facebook, Youtube, website design, etc (we’re pretty proud of it too!). The choice is yours ultimately, to produce original content that appeals to customers or not, and it’s a big one with weight. Don’t carry that burden alone.