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It’s no surprise that on a blog for a digital advertising agency like YellowBox, we’re going to say you need to switch over to digital advertising. Or at the very least, start committing some of your advertising towards digital markets. But to really explain why digital advertising is important is to show you how little paper and print accomplishes in comparison to digital.

Before I go further let me state a few things to keep in mind. Chances are you have a Facebook account at least, possibly even a twitter account and another social media account. Most likely you’ve got a large group of family and friends you keep in touch with through these social media platforms. I’ll come back to this later on.

Now let’s look at what matters most to you as a business owner: how much does print advertising cost in comparison to digital? Your money and time directly tie to your livelihood, your business, and no one wants to commit to a service that ends up costing them money with no real way to track the effectiveness of that service.

Using paper advertising you have to contact the organization, government agency, newspaper, etc., that would be offering the advertising space. Then you need to learn about what their advertising space and formats allow and what the cost is to run for the period of time they offer. Prices for print advertising can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to stretching into the lower thousands easily. This is without considering how long you plan to run your advertising with the space you choose in a given business year. This is ALSO not considering whatever budget you might have in mind and the number of different advertising spots you’ll need to contact to find the best rate and available space (and we’re not even mentioning the cost of TV ads!).

But that’s not the most important thing, not even close. Because of how print advertising is made, published and sent out or displayed, you as a business owner have no way of measuring how effective ads actually were. Did the customers come to your business because of word of mouth, were they passing by randomly and found you, or because they read your ads? Perhaps they came for another reason, the most likely reason today in the digital age, they read about your business online.

Digital advertising provides you tools to track how, when, and where ads were viewed by potential customers online across a wide variety of social media and services. Tools such as AdWords and Google Analytics provide a business owner the ability to view a collected history of what part of the ad brought views, the amount of views, and through what social media the views came from to your business. Most importantly the cost of using these services is a fraction of the price of traditional print advertising.

Remember what I said before about how you most likely have at least one social media account, such as Facebook? The thing is, you’ve already made the transition to digital media with your social life. You’ve seen the ads that can be run. Why not make the jump to digital media with your business as well?

If you’re ready to make that move to digital advertising YellowBox is prepared to help make that transition as easy as possible. Everyone at YellowBox is a digital native who understands the tools the Internet provides to us to produce the very best results for our clients. On projects so far we’ve seen results that print advertising would never allow us to track and monitor for clients. With an agency like YellowBox in the digital age, technology can not only help us save you money, but it provides numerous ways to reach new and old customers than ever before.