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What Is Yellow Box?

We are the rare agency in that we spend more time in Excel than Photoshop. Our philosophy is data driven design – after all, if an amazing design isn’t delivering results, does it even matter?

We achieve growth for our clients by leveraging social media, web/CRO, video, email, SEO/PPC, and inbound campaigns.

We’ve been working in the digital space since 2010. Seems like a short time but think about it – Vine started, blew up, got acquired, and died in that time. Crazy.

Benefits of Working @YB.


Fun Team Outings

Work Hard. Play Hard (but not as hard). Every once in a while we do fun activities in our office hot air balloon (just kidding, but maybe someday soon).

Volunteering Program

Give back and get more! Employees who volunteer their time get quarterly bonuses at Yellow Box.

Weekly Team Lunch

Nobody likes mandatory company meetings, but everyone loves food. Weekly team lunches are our compromise – fun lunches that we’ll occasionally discuss business over.

Snacks + Coffee

The office is stocked with snacks and K-Cups, and spontaneous snack and Starbucks runs are not uncommon.

Certificate Program

Yellow Box. likes employees who know what they’re doing, so we offer incentives to attain approved certificates from companies such as HubSpot, Facebook, and Google.

Flexible Work Hours

We do prefer employees who can come into office at least once a week, but as long as you can get your work done, we approve of flexible work hours and remote work.